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  • For the past three years, our 13 year old daughter, Dakota, has attended the summer program at Camp Kiowa. We chose Camp Kiowa because we wanted Dakota to gain a sense of independence and learn about the value of helping others and making new friends. Brian and his family, along with his staff of counselors and ranch hands, have always been so warm and welcoming. Brian has personally helped our family, and our daughter be able to enjoy the camp experience and all it has to offer. Everyone at Camp Kiowa really, honestly cares about the kids that go there. It is a safe environment for kids to just be kids, while learning valuable life lessons. Every year, when it is time to pick our daughter up from camp, she is already planning and talking about going back the following summer! The summer of 2016 will be especially fun for our son, as he is finally old enough to attend camp! He is very excited to be able to join his “sissy” and other friends that already go to Camp Kiowa. Thank you to Brian and everyone at Camp Kiowa for everything they have done and continue to do for our family. We look forward to many, many more years of being a part of the Camp Kiowa family! Morgan D.

  • I just wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You so much.  I say thank you to everyone at Cap Kiowa for the influence in Ah’Landus’ summer after summer.  When I think back about his first session five years ago unil now I am so grateful.  He has matured in so many ways and no matter what happens during the year he would always get a fresh start and a renewed spirit after his summer camp sessions.  I have seen him become more confident and more of his individual personality comes out during this time.  It was difficult financially at times to send him to Camp Kiowa but i twas worth every sacrifice.  Every sacrifice that was made to send him I wouldn’t change a thing and I would do it all over again.  It is just such a wonderful feeling when a parent has a safe and encouraging place to send their children.  You guys have been such a blessing in my life.  I feel like camp has made him a better person and given him different perspective about life.  Thank you so much for helping me to make my son a respectable, loving, caring, and giving young man.  Tracy F.

  • I’ve been happy to send Henry to Camp Kiowa, because of the very positive environment I know he’ll be in. Kiowa promotes the value of becoming your very best, most authentic self. Each time Henry has come back from camp, he’s come back happy, confident, well-adjusted, and full of stories. I love that he’s creating great memories, and that Kiowa makes sure he has fun, but also develops character.  Colleen K.

  • My kids are in love with Camp Kiowa! They’ve all decided that they will attend every year until they can be counselors. Camp Kiowa has changed their level of dedication at school, and has given them the tools to spread the message of being a good friend. They’ve become so dedicated to good attitudes and self-discipline; it’s infectious. It’s a parent’s dream come true! Thanks Camp Kiowa.  Krista J.

  • Camp Kiowa was my son Tyler’s first overnight camp experience. At first I was reluctant about him going being that we live about 5 hours away. It would have been a little difficult to go pick him up if things did not go as planned!! Upon arriving the camp counselors and ranch hands immediately welcomed him and took him under their wing allowing me the security to walk away and say, “goodbye!” I thoroughly enjoyed being able to look at the photos taken throughout the day!! Each day I could hardly wait to get to view them!! My son made friends, some of which he still communicates with and made memories to last a lifetime. He learned good positive behaviors, some of which we carry on in our home today, eg. “Shout outs!” We are grateful for staff of Camp Kiowa and we look forward to our next camp experience.  The Beasley Family

  • In the years that Brennan has been going to Camp Kiowa, he has gained a sense of independence and more confidence in himself. He used to get so homesick when he was away from home. He looks forward to camp all year, and it makes me so happy as a parent to know he is in a safe, fun place, meeting great people, and learning more about who he is. Hope you are having a great semester!  Jodi T.

  • My Daughter Madison didn’t want to leave, LOVED IT!!!!!!! The love given, kindness, friendships and experience of camp Kiowa will forever be one of her best childhood memories.  Miki C.

  • All three of our boys had their first session at Camp Kiowa this summer. They had a blast! Our middle boy, Jack loved the photography course so much he has taken literally hundreds of photos since Kiowa and asked for a good digital camera for his birthday. George and Bob loved the robotics and the battles they had with the robots they designed. When asked if they want to go back next year, there was no hesitation, it was a resounding “YES!”  Shelly G.

  • We sent our 11 year old son to Camp Kiowa last summer for a weekend session. It was his first time at Camp Kiowa and he was nervous! I told him that if he wasn’t having a great time, at least it was just a weekend and Sunday would come around quickly and we would be there to take him home. On Sunday, we arrived to pick him up and, although he was happy to see us, he wasn’t ready to come home! He had such an awesome weekend and was excitedly asking us to sign him up for 2 weeks next summer! The entire Camp Kiowa staff is amazing. When I brought him to camp on Friday afternoon, there were staff there to greet us at the gate coming off the highway, staff in the parking area to show us what to do and where to go, staff at the registration area, as well as a nurse, and there were camp counselors and older experienced campers up at the cabins to help our son get settled in. They all made us feel welcome and they were all so positive and excited! I think the best thing that I experienced as a parent was, when we were all loaded up and driving out of Camp Kiowa on Sunday, my son was rolling down his window and happily waving and yelling goodbye to all the staff and campers he had so much fun with over the weekend. He chattered nonstop all the way home about all the fun activities he got to do and said he couldn’t wait for next summer to get here! We have 3 kids and all 3 are signed up to attend Camp Kiowa next summer! Lone Oak Ranch is a beautiful setting and we are so fortunate to now have Camp Kiowa for our kids. We look forward to many years of camping and memory making for our kids!  The Hellman Family.

  • This was our daughters first time to camp and the counselors made it easy and comfortable for her. She learned that when you try something new that it turns out to be easy. She made new friends and said the counselors were fun. Her favorite things were archery, swimming, and cooking. She had fun playing ships and sailors too! She is looking forward to next summer!!  The Smith Family

  • This was a wonderful experience, Even My 8-year-old loved the experience and wants to return.

  • Great place! Will be back next year!

  • This was my first time sending my 2 granddaughters to camp, ages 10 & 11 and so for the 2 of them are having a blast. The camp counselor has called to let me know my girls are doing find and they post pictures of them interacting with other. A big thank you to Camp Kiowa and to you Groupon.

  • What better endorsement for how great this camp is? I arrive to pick up Buddy after his week there is done, and he tells me “please Mom, I want to stay another week, I’ll pay for every penny it costs!” He is staying! And no, he won’t have to pay. Great staff, great program, great fun! Kerry P.

  • Want to give a shout out to all the wonderful staff and counselors at Camp Kiowa. My boys loved it they learned so much and the counselors are very compassionate and have patience working with children. Can’t wait till next year! Karen K.

  • What an incredible team Camp Kiowa has, it’s cold and raining outside tonight and yet they were all a ray of sunshine greeting us for Winter Camp! Leah L.

    I can honestly say that these are some of the best people I have ever met! I have been blessed to see them bless others, including my children! Adriana R.

  • Thank you Camp Kiowa! This was my 11-year-old son first camp and I was nervous leaving him. As we were saying our goodbye, Brian noticed my nervousness and in a very caring and professional manner, he introduced himself and said the words I needed to hear at that emotional moment. I will be always grateful for his attention. Everybody is so nice and they make people feel special. When we picked up Gabe from Camp, he was visibly sad and he didn’t want to leave and say bye to his best friends. So THANK YOU Camp Kiowa for the experience and the unforgettable moments. Next year he will be attending for 2 weeks! Giovanna R.

  • Thank you for giving the kids a safe place to spend their free week from school. It’s nice knowing that you give them a safe and respectful place to learn how to be independent. David R.

  • Atticus & Marley love Camp Kiowa! They couldn’t wait to come back this summer. Building confident, respectful, thoughtful & independent kids is what Camp Kiowa is all about. The staff’s passion for kids is apparent! Chesna A.

  • My son Cameron loves this place! The staff here is awesome! Jessica Y.

  • 5 Stars! Karlie M.




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